Union Pacific of Arkansas FCU



Who We Are

In early 1933, a small group of railroaders got together with the idea of starting a financial cooperative, better known as a credit union. Their idea of a credit union would be to help the railroad employees with financial management,  and to assist them in recovering from the destruction of the flood of 1927, the devastation of the stock market crash in 1929, and the ensuing depression.

According to ACT 161, ACTS of 1931, any seven residents of the State of Arkansas could apply to the Blue Sky Division of the Railroad Commission of the State of Arkansas for permission to organize a credit union. Seven employees of Missouri Pacific Railroad got together and composed a set of by-laws which they officially signed on August 14, 1933. The Arkansas Railroad Commission Securities Department approved the credit union's charter request and on September 15, 1933, North Little Rock Missouri Pacific Credit Union was born.

In the early days the credit union lived in a cigar box that was carried around in a brief case. This made the credit union mobile, and transactions could be made in any of the shops. Loans were small and so were deposits, but the credit union was there to help when it could. The credit union continued its growth through the next several decades.

In early 1995, the Board of Directors decided that it would change its name to match the change that had occurred with its sponsor company. On March 7, 1995, the credit union's name officially changed from North Little Rock Missouri Pacific Federal Credit Union to Union Pacific of Arkansas Federal Credit Union.

Over the last eighty years, Union Pacific of Arkansas Federal Credit Union has grown to be a trusted provider of financial services for the members and the families that they serve. The credit union was born with the idea of helping our members through tough financial circumstances and that philosophy continues today.

 We will always be working to help our members stay "ON TRACK"!